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Potassium Fertilizer Compound fertilizer with a high density oil content contains 37% Potassium K2O and 31% phosphorus P2O5 clutch using super phosphoric acid so it contains boiling high percentage of P2O5 gouss, which gives the compound a double effect in the treatment of potassium and phosphorus deficiency and also stimulate the plant to form Energy compounds ATP is therefore very necessary in the early stages of plant life, as it is important for the flowering and contract and fixation of the dice and also helps to increase the size of fruits and the speed of maturity


Potassium 37% K2O + 31% Phosphorus P2O5


• Liquid liquid white color free of chloride and sodium

• The pH number 6.5 increases absorption

• Works on the stability of flowers and increase the proportion of the contract

• Increases the composition of potato tubers from starch

• Increase the sugar content of grapes

• Increase the volume of fruits

• Increases plant efficiency in the utilization of other nutrients

• Strengthens the cell islands and works to stimulate the roots

• Protects the plant from frost and drought

Usage rate:

1.5 cm liters of spray on the leaves or 3 liters per 1 liter of water injected with irrigation water.